A unified hypothesis of urban living.

If only I had the ability to fly. Not superhero flight. Just the common ability to fly. I want the proverbial bird’s eye view. It’s difficult to escape the compact, dynamic, and textured urban environment to find a new perspective on how one is living and how it may have changed. The environment is never completely static. It slowly evolves. Stores close and new ones open. Neighborhoods are gentrified or begin to erode. There are people whose jobs are to watch for the signs of community life; growth and decline. Those people are typically outsiders. As someone who lives in a particular neighborhood, it’s desirable to get a different perspective. Most people would call it a vacation; a time when you leave your home to visit another place. But that kind of vacation is often a reprieve from the people and work that one does. I wonder how many of us understand and accept the classification of our neighborhood.

There are thoughts, words, pictures, documentaries; all intended to reveal and illuminate both the aspirations and contradictions of suburban living.The outcome of several long-term studies were recently interpreted and packaged.

Cul-de-Sacs. Suburban Dream or Dead End