The Real Life Social Network

One of the producers at PJA shared this presentation with me. The Real Life Social Network. I’m still wading through it and I didn’t want to lose track of this.

Related to the social network is Question and Answer sites like Yahoo! Answers. They all seem to be trying to address the credibility question of social media:

sIFR – can I trust you? I’m almost ready to commit.

I’ve always avoided using non-web fonts at work. I’ve had my reasons: complexity of implementation, creating confusion with design teams, concerns about search-visibility, setting client expectations. My bias is changing. As my teams use more semantic XHTML I find it easier to get on the side of the designer. sIFR has been a viable approach for a lot of designers and companies for a long time. I’m joining the party a little late, but I’m interested. Does anyone have any other thoughts about the pros and cons of sIFR.