I found Quora on Tuesday morning and I was only able to tear myself away on Thursday afternoon. Personally, I loved it. As a potential marketing venue, I have questions and observations.
Content Authority

  • Will search engines see authoritative content or will it be in line behind Wikipedia, Yahoo Answers, and other crowd-sourced content?
  • Will Quora authors and editors be surfaced as authorities by search engines?
  • How will following and being followed impact a user’s authority?


  • I like the “Chimney Sweep” role; people who clean-up and review Quora’s content. This doesn’t appear to be a self-proclaimed role, but a job at Quora.
  • I like that the content on Quora takes center stage. They’ve cleverly designed a lot of content qualifying features into the interface.
  • Unlike Yahoo! Answers, Quora the answers are appear more thoughtful and authoritative. Anonymous answers are discouraged.

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